Movie Promotion

Movie Promotion

So you have a concept for your film, the first thing you need is a concept, a storyboard, something you can pitch, then you need finance, you think crowdfunding, but before you can even begin to crowdfund your film you need to get the concept of the film out to the fans you will target at the end.

You need to build a social media following for the film, then launch a Thunderclap campaign to engage the fans so that when you do launch your crowdfunding campaign Thunderclap will use the social media accounts of your fans to get everybody to simultaneously share the link for the crowdfunding campaign. If you don’t the likely hood is your campaign will fail.

OK, you got finance for your film and your engaging fans lets keep the momentum moving, as you choose locations, why not put a vote out so people can have a say in the choice of location, as you choose your cast, perhaps release some of their demo videos so the fans can follow your choices. Once you have your location and cast, daily updates and behind the scenes images and videos, blog posts so once more fans can track the progress of the movie.

Finally the movie is shot, and your ready to release, we can help you choose the best platform to release the film, Amazon, iTunes, VHX, your own website. Keeping the push up until the film has run its course and your ready to do it all over again.

Modern Film Making is all about Social Media Marketing.